Henry Ehrlich Food Allergies: Epub

Henry Ehrlich - Food Allergies:

Henry Ehrlich - Food Allergies:

Título: Food Allergies:

El autor: Henry Ehrlich

Editor: Bookbaby

Publicado: 25.02.2019

Género: Deportes y juegos

ISBN: 9780984383238

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Idiomas: Español

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Food Allergies: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Science, and the Search for a Cure Take a look behind the scenes at a physician and researcher who bridges two great traditions in her search to win the fight against disease. Born and educated in China, Dr. Xiu-Min Li trained in both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Author Henry Ehrlich calls her a "Rosetta Stone" for her ability to think simultaneously in both systems and to recognize the potential of Chinese herbal medicines for treating immune diseases, such as eczema, asthma, food allergies and autoimmune disorders, that resist conventional remedies. The book documents the moment when Dr. Li decided to devote herself to researching food allergies, an ever-increasing problem in the Western world and across the globe, followed by detailed accounts of the science that shows food allergies can be conquered. This "love letter to science" concludes with a look at the future of this therapy through the eyes of scientists and medical clinicians, showcasing the unique insight Li has into the world of allergy treatment and her vision of "integrative medicine". "Henry Ehrlich has given parents like me a great gift: a book that explains the science, reasoning and progress of a potentially life-changing treatment. His painstaking research and devotion to detail honor our kids." –Susan Weissman, author of Feeding Eden: the Trials and Triumphs of a Food Allergy Family "A masterful job of distilling a lot of complex material into verbiage that can be understood by the non-scientist, albeit a sharp non-scientist, and accomplished in an entertaining style." Dr. Arnold I. Levinson Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania "A fascinating, in-depth chronicle about how the remarkable FAHF-2 research is unfolding.